Installation Sevices

We believe the expertise of integrating and installing the diverse kit on offer is critical if you wish to maximise your investment.

Installation Sevices

Understanding how a school will use technology is our primary focus and this attention to detail allows us to see our customers using ICT to impact teaching and learning, something which often doesn’t happen with the vast range of ICT gadgets and gizmos on offer.Logix’s approach to understanding your ICT vision allows our customers to hit the ground running with a solution that has been thought out and designed around you, rather than a one fits all design whereby it’s the school that has to change the way it teaches to justify the technology.

Our team are on hand to turn this hardware into an indispensable part of your school.

Regardless of the educational objective or the technical requirement, our team has the expertise to help find the right solution to match your needs. Your Education Technology Specialist, following an initial scoping discussion with you, will work with our Solutions Architects to identify relevant technologies and services, arranging demonstrations and evaluation equipment where needed to ensure that you have the best possible exposure to the recommended solution in your own working environment.

Once a solution has been identified, tested, quoted, and signed off with you we will create a deployment plan that clearly shows the stages – from initial site survey to the dates that we will require site access and right through to the final handover of a working solution back to you.

Your satisfaction is our main focus and as such, once the installation is complete, we will undertake detailed User Acceptance Testing to ensure that you are confident that your expectations have been met.